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  Multiple Property Management Software and Reporting Tool
  Our latest offering, the Online Property Data Collection (OPDC) offers a unique solution to collect data from the properties you manage or own. This tool offers comprehensive revenue and expense management of hotels from a centralized location. The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The system offers comprehensive set of features including comparisons of hotel groups to monitor your Return On Investment (ROI), employee management, payroll calculations, and many more. An indispensable tool for hotel management companies of various sizes.

The complete solution is web-centric. The system requires a simple Internet access from each hotel participating. A security component is automatically installed at the first login. Each subsequent login identifies the computer logged in uniquely. Each user can be assigned special rights and privileges for access to various data. A comprehensive online help system is available to complement its already easy to use and navigate user interface.

  Features of Online Property Data Collection Software (OPDC)
  Basically this Software is divided into 2 major areas

 • Management Area
 • Hotel Area
  • Management Features
  - Corporation Management
  - User management
  > Different layer of user with different permission
  - Group Management (Mange hotel group for compare group hotel performance)
  - Centralized guest database
  > Auto insert in central guest database through upload database
  > Search Guest in central database
  - Centralized marketing features (Budgeting feature)
  - Centralized purchasing planning control (Requisition Management)
  - Hotel Management
  > Manage Hotel information
  > Manage Hotel access users
  > Manage Hotel Department
  > Manage Hotel credit card commission
  > Manage Hotel Data Entry
  > Freeze/Unfreeze hotel data entry
  > Freeze/Unfreeze hotel payroll data entry
  > News
  > Messaging
  > Reports
  > Management Summery Reports
  > Hotel Payroll Reports
  > Graphical Reports (chart reports for comparison)
  • Hotel Level Features
  - Employee Management
  >Insert & Terminate Employee
  - Daily data Entry Section
  > Revenue Entry
  > Statistics Entry
  > Ledger Entry
  > Marketing Entry
  > Payroll Entry
  - Budgeting (Centralized marketing)
  - Requisition (Centralized purchasing planning)
  - Reports
  If you manage more then one hotel or motel property, you owe it to yourself to have a sneak preview of this system. For a personal demonstration of the system, please email at
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