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Key Features


ASI FrontDesk
Freeware Edition 2010

ASI FrontDesk 5.3

Number of Rooms  10 Licensed Feature
Main Interfaces for
Property Status
- Stay View
- Today’s View
- Inventory View
- Stay View
- Today’s View
- Inventory View
Walk-In Guest  
Room Reservation 
Group Operations 
Multiple Rate and Rate
Type in Single Stay
Seasonal Rate 
Guest Deposit Support 
Multiple Currency Support 
Payment Authorization / Open
Credit Card Transaction
Hourly Rental Room 
Do Not Rent Feature
(With Database)
Guest Change Room Feature 
Guest Folio / Invoice 
Magnetic Card Reader  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
ID Card Scanner   Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
Signature Pad  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
Online Credit Card Processing  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
Video Module for Guest Snaps
with Webcam at various 
stages of stay
Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
Guest Shared Information 
Guest Flight Information 
Database Backup and Restore 
Automatic Database Backup 
Night Audit 
Command Prompt 
Reservation block dates 
Guest Ledger 
Guest Database 
Advance Guest Search 
Business Source  Limited Fully Functional
Direct Billing / City Ledger 
Transaction Management
(Insert Transaction and
Undo-Redo Transactions)
Expense Management (Payables
 & Receivables)
Desk Clark Reminder 
Phone Book / Address Book 
Guest Messaging 
Lost and Found 
Block Room (Out of order room) 
Guest Feedback 
Document Templates and Emailing 
Query Module 
Reports  Fully Functional Fully Functional
Property Configuration 
Compressive Tax Management 
User Management 
Customized Reports / Invoice  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
Call Accounting Module / Interface Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
Point Of Sales Module  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
Payroll Module  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
QuickBooks Interface Module  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
AuditTrail Module  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
Electronic Key Lock Interface  Licensed Feature Licensed Feature
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